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  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy

    Ketamine infusion therapy is a ground breaking treatment that shows evidence of lasting changes in the brain. This off-label treatment is very safe and studies show a success rate of 85%- providing rapid symptom relief for depression, anxiety, stress, trauma from adverse life events, OCD and PTSD. 

    How it works

    Ketamine pushes glutamate into the NMDA receptors causing regrowth and reactivating synapses. This process results in new neural pathways and rewiring of the brain. It promotes growth of dendrites (connections between neurons/brain cells) which results in the brain functioning at its optimal level.

    What to expect

    At Peak View, you can expect the best level of care. Unlike other clinics, all ketamine infusions are administered by board certified anesthesiologists. You will meet with the doctor each time to discuss your goals and to ensure you have the best experience possible. You will have the option to have a therapist to guide you during your session or to have a ketamine assistant to sit with you. It is very important to us that you feel accompanied on your healing journey through every step.

    Prior to each session, you will meet with your doctor to discuss your goals and to ask any questions you may have. Your doctor will collaborate with you to customize treatment to your goals and desires. 

    The gold standard for ketamine treatment for mental health is via IV infusion. The doctor will start your IV and you will receive your treatment over a period of 45-50 minutes. You are awake and aware at all times during the infusion as the goal is minimal sedation while you relax and your brain makes new connections. 

    You will need a ride home and it is advised you do not drive for 24 hours after your infusion, although you will likely feel the effects of the medication wear off within a couple of hours. 

    What does a course of treatment look like?

    Most clients participate in a series of infusions as each infusion builds upon the next. The research is showing that people benefit most from around 6 sessions, which can be done weekly.

    Our clients report that over the course of treatment, they feel progressively better in handling stress and every day life. They also report less depression, anxiety and other bothersome symptoms that usually get in the way of living.

    How to get scheduled

    Reach out to our phone number or send us a message through our website. Our staff will get back to you shortly and get you scheduled so you can start enjoying life and thriving to your full potential.

    What our clients are saying

    “I’ve tried a lot of different types of therapy, but with Ketamine Infusion Therapy I felt for the first time like I could tackle both the long-term issues and every day stressors in such different and more productive way. I no longer felt overwhelmed or controlled by my past and trauma, but like I could face it and heal. It’s been the best decision I’ve made for my mental health.”